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When You Need Us Most Unlike other companies who only operate during set hours, LimoPros operates 24/7 365 days a year with no black out dates. In fact, we offer last minute service in most cities with very little notice for your emergencies.

Limopros as a national company, our ability to move quick and provide buses where and when they are needed is one of the reasons that when time matters, more clients turn to LimoPros than any other.

Your Community, 24 Hours A Day Because we operate service in more than 350 cities nationwide our affiliates are local in your community. Our access to them and their fleets is available on a priority basis since we keep them busy year round. When we call with an emergency request - they move into action to help. Our network is so vast that we can often have a charter bus to any location in the United States within 3 hours lead time.

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