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Limo Pros intensified marketing efforts has grown our visitor traffic attracting 2 million consumers each year who are looking for local Limo companies in USA and Canada. Our research has shown that LimoPros visitors are looking for reputable transportation services by looking at city pages on Limo Pros and our marketing direction in 2012 will accommodate those requirements.

The Limo Pros system of websites has been presenting transportation alternatives to the public for the last 12 years. Every year 2 million consumers search our websites for chauffeured services. Some visitors request quotes, otherís view Limo affiliates directory listing or find telephone numbers of affiliates on the banner ads on Lim Pros city pages.

LimoPros market affiliates 4 ways

Full page directory listings on the website; these directory listing discuss the affiliate services, equipment and capabilities while displaying the affiliate website address, telephone and address.

Banner ads displaying the affiliate services, telephone numbers and website address. These banner ads are placed on city pages where that affiliate wants to attract consumers. To accommodate the increased use of mobiles devises all visitors to Limo Pros are encouraged to contact our affiliates directly.

Emailed quote requests are collected an emailed to affiliates that match the consumers selections. These requests are received by Limo Pros affiliates within 15 minutes of consumer submit and the lead is also stored in the affiliates home page.

References are provided by Limo Pros for all affiliates upon request by consumers or companies. If consumer needs to match any affiliate the lead is shopped to affiliates by the Limo Pros staff.

The above packages of service are rented to affiliates on a monthly basis by territory. The cost of these services are determined by the amount of traffic each territory receives on the Limo Pros site.

Limo Pros staff build affiliate directory page and banner ads the limo Pros statistics package tracks the number of visitors to each cities and provide affiliates with total traffic numbers in the affiliate home page. Any and all emailed leads from Limo Pros will be no additional charge and included in the base territory rental amount. Each territory will be limited to the number of affiliates with a maximum 3 companies in heavier trafficked territories and 1 affiliate in low trafficked areas. Each Directory page established will be registered with Google and submitted to Google Places so that traffic to the affiliate listing on Limo Pros grows in importance.

Our marketing research has been studied and tweaked over the past 12 months; our results determined that this methodology has increased affiliates business, telephone calls, affiliate website ranking while reducing Limo Pros staff support cost which means we can reduce the cost to the affiliate. A win-win for everyone involved. This will enable our affiliates to participate in Limo Pros campaigns for pennies per day.

Limo Pros maintains a number of websites that transfer the traffic to the Limo Pros site. We continue to grow those sites to improve traffic to Limo Pros. We also increased airports listings to 1,000 airports and are offering premium advertising positions to all affiliates looking for telephone calls from consumers looking for airport transportation.


Once your account form is complete we will send you your username and password via email. You will log in and complete the application process.

  • Fax Corporate Office 954-756-7082 your License and  Credit Card Authorization Form

  • Review local city pages to see what locations your services are best listed

  • Leads will begin as soon as your application process is completed

Corporate Office Telephone Number: 877-326-0159
Corporate Fax Number: 954-756-7082


Limo service is available in these States:
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